March Break 2022 Version

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Well that was just one of the best March Breaks ever. We had Kate and Corey and their little Bennie here for half the week. And Kai and Lexi for most of the week. Made for some great family laughs and meals spent getting reacquainted. Here is Bennie meeting up with Rosie.

Bennie is an animal lover – no fear in this little one. She was game to get in there with the jennies and the chickens alike. She’s up for playing with dogs of any size. Cats are great for cuddling. New people are automatically new friends.

It amazes me how much she has learned in her short life so far. Sure … there is the walking and communicating and understanding language aspects – but the concepts of family, the way she solves problems from putting lids on tea pots to crawling into play tents … I do not think I’ve learned nearly as much as she has in the last year and a half! You GO little one!

How great for Lexi to have a littler one to play with. She was tireless! When these two were at it there were always many others laughing at their antics. xoxo
Lexi was delighted that Aunt Kate could do french braids!

When the girls arrived we had a fresh snowfall and a truckload of straw. For years now these two have pitched in here – helping with any kinds of jobs I was tackling. I sure appreciated their muscle power that day!

Lex pitched down the bales from the truck and Kai helped me pile them into the barn.

We started the week with a good snowfall.

That sure brightened up the paddock. By the end of the week we had another big thaw and we were working again to make sure the drainage ‘canals’ were cleared.

There it was again … the lovely mud of spring time. 😉

We did manage to squeeze in some sledding before the snow disappeared. And I discovered that Lexi now fits my old Queens jacket from the early 80’s. She pretty much rocked it! MUCH cooler than I ever was wearing it.

We had some good Grandpa visits.

Ate LOTS of great food.

Including these delicious garlic and cheese pizza rolls the girls baked for us.

Some of the best times were spent at the kitchen table. Two or three different conversations going on at a time.

Each time the girls are here Kai does a re-enactment of the first photo we took of her peeking over Rosie’s back … Rosie seems to be shrinking just a little every year since. Hehehe.

Gotta love the late winter around here – bundled up against the cold and snow one day – and then literally a day later you find yourself out and about without toques or gloves.

We scooted over to my sister’s new home and took her fur babies out for a LONG walk.

I’m so thankful for these days. Being Gramma Wen is one of the best things that ever happened to me. How great is it to see another generation growing up?! Feeling blessed in March.

Hugs from Gramma Camp at the Meadow.


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  1. Is March break at Grandmas’ over now? Calm will settle? Here…we are just picking up! in that Mom/Dad have been at home this weekend – Grandma care starts today! 🙂

    All’s well.



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