With a Little Help From Our Friends

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Hurray! Our vaccine arrived! This is the vaccine to help the flock avoid getting infected with Infectious Larangotracheitis. That is the virus that hit us hard in December. Since then all of the chickens have been in isolation in groups of six to eight. And they’ve not been out to free range. I’ve been keeping an eye on spring’s arrival – and listening for the blackbirds and grackles. I think we still have a few weeks … depending on how this week’s rain and thaw progresses. They are all in good health.

Charmaine and Linda vaccinating one of the ‘Aunties’.

Our friends Charmaine (retired doctor) and Linda (retired pharmacist) jumped at the chance to come to help out. Really! I didn’t have to twist any arms. This was their first chance to run a poultry vaccine clinic. Who wouldn’t jump at an opportunity like that? 😉

You apply the vaccine as an eye drop. That meant holding them firmly and safely in a hug – and then rotating their head so you could get a good bead into their eye. The liquid was blue. That made it easy to see if you’d got the drop where it needed to be. Mostly the chickens were curious about what was happening – and kept their eye open.

Within half an hour we had dosed all the flerd members in the three coops. Now I’ll keep everyone happy, watered and well fed and let the vaccine do its job. Within a week or so they will be able to be outside again. I’m looking forward to that! And I bet they will LOVE to have their free ranging freedom back as well.

Thank you to Linda and Charmaine for helping out! And to Edie for being the camera person. And to the chickens for being so cooperative!

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