The Big Chill

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Okay … you big old Arctic Air Mass … time to move on out of here!

We are all super impressed with how COLD you are! But we are also ready for a break… which I think arrives tomorrow. The zigzag-roller coaster of January 2022 continues.

We took pity on the wild turkeys today. I knew I had some leftover corn that would help them warm up.

There is a flock of twenty-five that come across the road to scratch and search for any tidbits they can find under the wild bird feeders. We do not want them living in the yard come spring. But now it is sooo COLD. They need a helping hand. The snow is so deep – and the season for seeds in the woods is past. We’ve got some food we can share.

The sunshine was amazing today. The jennies and the goats soaked it up while they rested in the front shelters. Bella’s dark coat gets warm to the touch when she is sunbaked. Despite the sunshine the temperature stayed in the mid-20’s (that is NEGATIVE ‘C). Glad there wasn’t much wind!

Yesterday I dug the duck’s run out. I then laid a bale of straw down. They were relieved to get outside after spending a little more than a week in their barn.

They nibbled away at the snow …

… and all around their straw bed…

… before climbing into the wind shelter to snooze away the afternoon. I’ve tracked down a coop door (built by someone else) that I’m picking up on Friday night. I think it will do the trick in allowing me to keep their water plugged in on their ‘porch’ AND keeping a door open to let the moisture out. All while keeping them safe from predators.

The sun set after five tonight. And the indoor crew have left their sunny windows perches for warm couches.

Hope you managed some sunshine today too! Goodnight from the Meadow.

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