How Big?


A few years ago I discovered this amazing breed – Brahma chickens. When I found a local breeder I sent off a resume to see if he’d allow me to purchase a group of chicks from him. That was last winter.

These guys arrived in the spring. They are now just over six months old. Bram is still just a ‘little fella’!

I swear he grew six inches in this last month! He also has started to fill out. Until lately he was a comical version of ‘Big Bird’ – gawky and awkward – but endearing.

The other rooster in the group is Beau (Beauregard). I have always thought he was HUGE … until Bram passed him this week. Beau is very possessive – and put up quite a fuss when I had Edie take my picture holding Bram.

The roosters are very big. The hens are no tiny birds either. This is Lady Bird. Their coop is one of my favourite hangouts. I love to sit and watch them. Funnily enough they seem to like watching me. We have some good conflabs. Loving this life.

3 comments on “How Big?”

    1. My group has not started laying yet … I’m curious! Others have found their eggs to be about the same as breeds like Orpingtons. Merry Christmas from the snowy north!

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