Day: December 8, 2021

And … we’re back!

The past few weeks have pulled me right away from my desk to much more vital matters. Heart matters in fact. My Ede spent ten days on the Cardiac floor of our local hospital. We sure are thankful for the great staff that we had to help us out. And even MORE thankful when we got to return home ‘unscathed’ end of last week.

A big thank you goes out to my sister, Marg. She stayed at our place for a few days to allow me to be up at the crack of dawn to leave for the hospital and not get home until well after dark. Our neighbours Haley and Hunter and Gavin also filled in when the chickens needed someone to let them out – or in. And we all survived!

The jennies were worried. They were not used to spending their entire daylight hours alone. I made sure to hang out with them each night. Helped to calm them down – and me too!

I would bring the ducks a late night meal and a good drink. They’d chatter away – telling me all that happened when I was not supervising their neighbourhood.

The Orpington flock settled into sunny days in their Clubhouse. It seems the three roosters have come to some sort of ‘truce’ for the winter. Despite my not being around to open and close doors and separate their mini-flocks they all managed quite well.

There was that one night when Marg was trying to ensure the ‘Newbies’ were in their end of the coop – without really being certain as to who the ‘Newbies’ actually were. After sending pictures back and forth we came up with the genius solution … of having THEM sort it out. Marg sat down – waited – and some went left – some went right – and that was it. Much better than her trying to catch and place them … Ha!

With the sun came some great front paddock afternoons. The girls sure love it when this time of year comes around. They love snuggling down into the deep straw out there – soaking in the heat.
The indoor crew tried to fill in for Ede … Oz was certain that we should have breakfast together.

Smokey had his job cut out for him – on turkey alert.

A group of 24 wild turkeys has decided we are on their daily grazing route. Neighbours across the back field toss corn to them each morning. After that they high tail it through to our woods and then into the front yard.

Every day they explore a little farther … or higher. This afternoon Edie began blowing her trumpet out the front window to get them to move along. They had raided the front paddock and were attempting to come up the hillside to check out the backyard. She figured the LAST thing we needed was an entire flock of wild turkeys eating the chicken and duck food. Can you imagine! Rosie and the goats set up a blockade and were NOT going to let that happen. I think we’ll be on ‘turkey alert’ for quite a while this winter. These guys figure they belong with the Jays, Chickadees, Nuthatches and Morning Doves … $$!