Closer …


Sulu (Hen Sulu) approves of the window installed in the Clubhouse door. I think we’re down to the wire now as far as staying ahead of the snow. I’ve noticed two flocks of snowbirds here over the last few days.

Across the paddock the Brahmas are also impressed with their winter digs. I built up about eight inches of wood chips and straw in their ‘Cafe’. Two straw bales were added in front of their perch and their heated water bowls are ready to go.

Tomorrow’s forecast has us starting with some heavy rain. I’m looking forward to arriving here with a supply of sunflower seeds, peanuts and corn for them to scratch after in their bedding. I’m going to try the ‘deep litter’ method. Every week I’ll add another thin layer of straw. I’ll let them scratch it all up – and I’ll turn things over with my pitchfork. As the bedding composts it will release some heat – always welcome on cold winter days. It will also keep them up off the dirt floor to keep them warmer.

On sunny days they’ll climb up to the hillside climber. I’ll add straw up here as well. Lots of good soft deep bedding to burrow into while snoozing in the sunshine.

Seems ‘sunshine + Beauregard = fashionista show’!

I finished installing the winter windows. We have developed quite a good collection of recycled windows this year. That means that all three flocks – Brahmas, Ducks and Orpingtons – have some good indoor space for stormy days. Each their own … I’m curious – and a little bit nervous – to learn how to keep the ducks happy over a winter. I keep reading – and reading – and reading some more about how others have cared for their flocks. The predominant theme has been ducks happy to hang out in the snow. I know I will create a straw ‘trail’ from their run up to the hillside shelter. And knowing that is where the sun shines I expect they’ll spend a fair bit of time up there. This week I’ve started delivering water to a bucket and a tub up there.

I picked up a new bale of straw on Monday. My supplier stores the bales outside. I was wondering just how much of the outside layers would be spoiled. There was grass growing out of one side of the bale. It swells a bit having been out in the rain. We ended up getting some help from our neighbour to push it off the back of the truck. I couldn’t get it to budge on my own! Ha! I was delighted to find it was only one layer of wrap before the straw was dry and fresh. The goats were quite pleased with that too.

Although … it doesn’t take them long to find a place to lay down and just watch the action while chewing their cud. Dottie was happy I’d left the tailgate down.

I think I’m lucky I didn’t come around to find she’d climbed up to the roof. Those hooves … leave scratch marks! Ruby has already sacrificed enough of her good looks to farm accidents.

Earlier this week our dear friend, Nancy, dropped by for a quick visit. There is a hobby farmer hiding in that city girl’s heart!

Rosie could NOT believe that MayMay managed to monopolize her attention! And she wasn’t even having to hold those horns off.

These two … friends going on forever. And as soon as you put them together the wild craziness that was their high school selves pops right up into view! xoxo

2 comments on “Closer …”

  1. Well, you’re right about the farmer inside. Animals just feel So Good… yours especially:)

    That was a Wonderful visit; so grateful to have you two in my life!

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