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Beauregard – a french boy’s name meaning ‘beautiful gaze’

… really was an apt name to conjure up for him. He is such a friendly bird. Especially nice as he is so big!

He looks out for his fellow Brahmas … and also looks out for the ducks.

His favourite sidekick is Bessie. The two of them are always the first out in the morning. And … the last in each night. While Beau looks ‘out’ for the ducks … Bessie chases after them. My research into letting ducks and chickens free range together suggests that come high spring the duck drakes could harm the hens.

Bessie’s take on that seems to be ‘AS IF!’

The ducks are easy to track on our property. They constantly quack and chortle and squeak and grunt to each other. I think they announce every treat the discover and share every thought that goes through their noggins. The Orpingtons stop along their fence line and watch them. The jennies and the goats peer through their back gate and watch them – especially when they are splashing in their ponds.

They’ve taken a liking to the hillside ‘Condo’ (used to be known as the goat playground). While they root around in the straw beds the Brahmas perch one level up. I can already imagine them all there on sunny winter afternoons.

For now though … I’m enjoying these sunny mild November afternoons. While I was cleaning eavestroughs and winding up hoses the whole menagerie came out to watch and to gobble up fallen leaves on the hillside. I still have a few more jobs to cross off my winter prep list. I’m appreciating Mother Nature’s cooperation!

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