“Is there a pond in your future?”


… they asked. “Oh NO!” I confidently replied. “Just a wading pool or two.” Ha!

Hmmm … maybe three?

It has arrived … the season of mud and YUCK. Even ducks mind the YUCK! So I figured I had better get a move on some strategies to cut down on the mucky yuck – for fall – and then for next summer.

There are advantages to living down the road from a great landscaping business. Before I could think twice two yards of river rock arrived through the back field …

… to where Bota and I could move them into place.

‘Bill or Bob’ was not all pleased with my first attempt at leveling the pools. He was more impressed with my final go at it this morning.

I bumped the fence line out a little into the back field and created a slope of the river rock. Then with much grunting and huffing and puffing I managed to toss them around enough to create three level spots. The longer I worked at it – the more curious – and less cautious – the flock became.

They realized that under those rocks I was tossing they might find a juicy worm or two.

There is something about a duck’s beak that makes her look like she is smiling – don’t you think?

I’m so glad I have had the chance to make a home for these guys. They are a lot of fun to interact with. They are curious – make hilarious sounds – PLAY – and chortle – and dive and splash and just plain have a good time.

I’ve given the ‘pond’ situation a lot of thought. And I KNOW I will be giving it lots more thought as the winter rolls in. I do not want to put in any kind of permanent dug out pond. I cannot imagine that any filtration system would ever keep up with the mud and the poop these guys deliver day in and day out. I’ve researched all kinds of beautiful set ups. And one thing that runs common … is there are great articles about pond set up … but then it seems the ponds disappear. One season wonders. I can see why!

I find the wading pools work great. Now that they are settled on a rock base when I empty them (simply by stepping on the side with my boots on) the water can run through the rock into the back field. Prior to this as soon as I would go to empty a pool the ducks would come rushing down … ready to dabble and quack and purr at each other while they gorged on the wet mud and soil.

Ducks can dig tremendous holes! If you could train them – or target them – at a hillside of dirt you wanted moved – I’m sure they’d be able to do it – one mouthful at a time. You’d need to empty a heck of a lot of pools though! 😉

So here we are! Three pools – easy to empty – soil and tree roots protected – back field happy to be watered with nutrient rich run off! A great few days work.

6 comments on ““Is there a pond in your future?””

  1. My mother had a couple of ducks when I was young. A white and a green headed duck, like yours. They quacked and quacked when she went out there to visit with them and feed them. I remember changing their water which was icky but good for the grass I suppose. Your ducks look very happy. Their pools will serve them well.

  2. Can’t help but think that you’re in Beatrix Potter land now at The Meadow, Wen.  Love the colour variation on the ducks.  Lucky ducks they are to have your as their caregiver.❤️ xoPam

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