Call It a Day


We’ve had some beautiful sunsets lately. I get to see them because I’m waiting ‘up’ for the chickens to call it a day! 😉

If it were up to ‘Aunt Mary’ the days would stretch well past sunset. This little chicken gets into the most ridiculous situations! I’ll find her in the garage. Then I’ll find her in the duck house. Or maybe in the Brahma run. Then again she also has taken a liking to the paddock ‘Uber Service’! Rosie was not amused. 😉 I was!

Our yard is crazy with blooms.

Good thing the goats are busy enough with the blooms along the fence lines!

Looks like we are heading into a cooler week. Shaping up to be a great week to explore the back roads on our bikes. The girls return tomorrow for a week. I DO love to have my sidekicks along for the ride!

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