Dosey Doe!

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We are still here! Somehow the busy-ness of July has meant little time to sit and reflect on what’s been happening. Important! As if I don’t jot down some notes and post some pictures I have NO idea what we’ve been doing!

The girls were here for just over a week. We got to celebrate our favourite fourteen year old’s birthday! HOW did those years fly by like this?

It sure was hot! Our new sit on kayaks were very welcome. We did chores each morning – and then headed out to the middle of a different lake each day. We sure are blessed to live in this ‘Land O’ Lakes’ region!

The girls are such a big help when they are here. In fact this past visit Lexi would get herself up BEFORE me – sneak outside in her pyjamas – and then come back in the door when she knew I would be getting up. I’d greet this big smile and ‘I already did the chores Gramma’. How special is that? xoxoxo

We even squeezed in a couple of bike hikes with Grandpa Rick. You sure do need either Olympic leg power … or an e-bike this time of year! The deer flies are WICKED! We had to keep up our speed to out race them.

Since the girls left there has been some major ‘rethinking’ of our critter housing. The ducks and the Brahmas have done so well in the woods that I’ve given them the (Goat) Cafe. The ducks have the former Brahma barn as their headquarters. The Brahmas now have the Cafe and the little (Goat) bedroom attached to that.

This has worked out really well. It keeps the Brahmas separated from the Orpingtons. Until I see how the roosters manage I don’t want to combine them. They get along fine with the ducks. It also gives me the means to separate the Brahmas and the ducks if things get too ‘complicated’ in the spring. The Brahmas can have the woods. The ducks can have the run their pools are in.

Meanwhile the goats have settled into spending their days with the jennies. They are definitely happier being paddock dwellers rather than in the (buggy) woods.

There are so many better spots to sleep in the paddocks! šŸ˜‰ At night the goats use the ‘Clubhouse’ (the Orpington’s day time hangout). This keeps them safely tucked away from curious coyotes. It also gives the jennies their own barn for the night. Then during the daytime the Orps love being able to hang out sitting on the goat beds by the screened in southern walls.

There is still lots of room in the Chicken Palace. I have not yet combined the new Orpington group with the older girls and Paddy. I’m pretty sure there are three roosters and three hens in that new group. I’m not keen on breaking them up … yet. I am aware that as the fall looms I am going to have to come to a decision as to which rooster(s) get to stay. I’m partial to Charlie. But there are also Norman (who I keep wishing will turn into Norma) and Rocky (who I KNOW is feisty and aggressive already … he’s also teeny compared to the other guys). They are all lovely birds. Charlie and Norman are both Paddy’s offspring. Wonder if he’d go easy on them if I told him that … Not likely! šŸ˜‰

It has been a busy month – in a good way. I’m enjoying the different groups of poultry. The ducks are entertaining and I love the noises they make when they are playing in water. The Brahmas are curious and very gentle. AND BIG! Did I mention they are going to be BIG birds? Paddy and his crew are always up to some funny antics. And the junior Orpingtons are a comedy show when they are out and about. Everyone has their own territory to wander on. We’re juggling it all very well.

Even the front gardens have been cooperating. This is the time of year everything comes into bloom.

And some of the best news of all ….

The trees are slowly – but surely – recovering from the caterpillar infestation. Phew!

We are also coming out of the worst COVID days … hopefully! Both Ede and I have our two vaccinations. Most of our family does as well. We are looking forward to a time – soon – that we will all be able to be together again. There are THREE new babies in our family – some serious cuddle time is planned for next month!

Stay safe everyone. Hugs from the Meadow Mice!

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