These guys …

… are quite the entertainers!

I love coming around the barn to find them floating while fast asleep. They tuck those long beaks into their wings and relax.

Turns out they are a mix of Rouen and Pekin ducks … not Muscovey ducks. I’ve been observing them as they feather out … and it was becoming apparent that I’d got my wires crossed somewhere. Can I be happy about that? Rouen/Pekin mixes are quite beautiful!

This also means I can tell the drakes (males) from the hens (females). The drakes have a white collar. And they will likely develop green heads … although if the Pekin genes are more dominant they may keep their grey noggins. Another tip is the eye bar of the females.

Our group seems to have two drakes and five hens. Only one of the ducks has a name so far. Misty … which now is ‘Mister’. I’m thinking Kyla and Lexi will help with some more names next week.

They have become comfortable in the woods near the gate to the run. With the trees beginning to leaf out again there is some shade and a breeze up there. I’ve put their small pool up there as well. That’s where I tend to find them during the daytime. The sound of their gentle tweeps (turning ever so slowly to quacks) and the water as they paddle around is very relaxing!

2 comments on “Quackers”

    1. I think I’m not quite up to the challenge of a ‘permanent pond’! The pools work for now. Winter will be interesting … more of a swim on sunny mild days. ARE there sunny mild days in winter any more? 😉

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