Day: July 4, 2021

Feathered Friends

The woods is slowly growing a new veil of green. We’ve had some good rain that has washed lots of the caterpillar poop off the rocks and under the leaf litter. And the Brahmas have decided that is passable.

I’ve also decided that trying out two Brahma roosters in this group of seven is passable. Above is Bram (Bramble). He took a little more time to show his rooster roots. His red comb and wattles and his pointy rump feathers (saddle feathers) have given him away.

Beau (Beauregard) and he do have their face offs. So I chatted with the breeder to ask about his approach to multiple roosters. His experience suggests that the Brahmas are not as aggressive with each other as other breeds he’s worked with. He thinks they get so big the effort needed to fight just isn’t worth it. His roosters tend to stare each other down. If it doesn’t work he’ll take one of them back. But you and I both know my heart would have to break a little first …

That takes us forward with Beauregard and Bessie (above). They are the black ones.

Lady Bird (top picture) and Miss Opal (above) are the White Brahmas.

Bram (Bramble), Twig and Willow are the three Buff Brahmas. Seven Brahmas, great coop, large woods. Sounds like a winning combination!