Jail Break

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This is ‘Broody Jail 2.0′ … Audrey has decided she’d rather be broody than be bottom of the pecking order. So, every time I go into their coop I have to scoop her out of a nesting box and carry her outside. I fluff up her neck feathers – let the cool breezes down to her skin level – take her to some good diggin’ dirt … talk to her – explain that she needs to play nice OUTSIDE with the others … But NOOOOO. SHE wants to hunker down on some eggs and raise herself some chicks! So I set up a barrier to let her have a corner of the shady part of the paddock to herself …

At first she lorded her private food dish and water bowl over the rest of the flock. They’ve been ganging up on her since she left her ‘littles’ to rejoin them. Then she seemed to realize she was in another cage. Despite Dottie’s presence she was … UP …

… and across the paddock …

… then RACED up the ramp to reclaim the spot in HER nesting box. Oh well … guess I’m back to just picking her up off the nest every time I go by. We are NOT raising more chicks – and she’ll not be healthy going another three weeks without much food or water. My next plan may be to just put her into another space without nests … or … last resort back into Broody Jail 1.0 (wire cage to keep her cool and away from nesting).

Wish us luck!

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