… are saving our butts! The temperatures could be smokin’ here today – they certainly are out west! They are melting in 40’C weather – and that does not include their humidex! We are floating around the mid 20’s – with a humidex of 37’C. The wind is nicely canceling that out in the shade. Phew!

The goats are relieved to have their open air ‘Cafe’ today. The wind is blowing right through … sometimes it is May and Dottie’s territory …

… other times it is taken over by the Orpingtons and their sidekicks the ‘Aunties’. 😉

If you were hanging out in the Cafe you could peek out the back wall to see the ducks are continuing to enjoy their pools. Some times I come around to find them with their beaks tucked under their wings – sleeping as they float the hot hours away.

While the Brahmas happily explore the woods the ducks have stayed in the run. The gate is open most of the day … maybe if the trees grow back some leaves they’ll venture up there to enjoy the shade.

Several times every day Ede and I peer up into the trees to see if there is any hint of new growth. I think there is an aura of yellow and green starting to appear. We’ve been reading in the news that this is a record breaking year for the amount of foliage eaten by these caterpillars. A biologist interviewed on CBC suggested they might grow back their cover in a month or so … Fingers crossed!

The young Orpingtons have hosted a few ‘Meet and Greets’ the last few days.

Some of their new neighbours are more friendly than others. Paddy set about searching for treats to offer the newbies through the bars of their fence. The older hens didn’t deign to stop to look … but the Aunties were all determined to give them the stink eye. Ha! Guess they want to make sure they do not remain at the bottom of the pecking order.

Dottie is more interested in what kind of food they might have on offer. Obviously … that little fencing section is only useful when I am close by!

Rosie was ‘down for the count’ when I headed outside this morning. She was laying in her barn with four chickens on her back … NOT the usual … I couldn’t convince her to get up. That had me worried some quick. Eventually I got her up and had her walk while I tried to read the situation. I think her back hips/legs/knees/hooves were sore. Her hooves had grown incredibly quick again. Last time Dan (our farrier) was here was April 23rd. I had him come yesterday (just a few days more than two months) because I could see that Rosie was walking way back on her heels. He gave her a good trim and brought her back to upright. I’m thinking that process had to lead to some pain. I gave her 5 cc of Bute for pain (think of it as Donkey Ibuprofren). She stayed up and has been wandering the field and paddocks with Bella.

Rosie is very good at letting me know when something is not feeling right …

2 comments on “Breezes”

  1. Wow, Wen, that’s a very telling picture of your place with the bald trees!!  You really got hit this year, for sure.Sad to hear about Rosie.  Sure hope her “pedi” does the trick.Stay cool and hugs to you and Ede.❤️ xoPam

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