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I did a switcheroo with the chick groups last night. Audrey’s clutch are less than half the size of the Brahmas. It seemed to make more sense to keep them in the more enclosed space. It was awfully cute watching them explore the pile of logs in the covered run.

Audrey seems much more relaxed with them in here. She can also see and hear her flock mates from this room. The Brahmas were just as keen on exploring the outdoor run. I can see them being ready to check out the woods in another week or so. Even if the ‘Aunties’ are wandering up there as well.

This afternoon I tried out broccoli as a treat. Uncooked … no takers. So I came inside and steamed some – wow! Not sure if the smell was the draw? Both groups loved it. Fun to have them becoming more confident about taking food from my hand.

Hope you had a good day! Hugs from me and my ‘peeps’! 😉

1 comments on “Shifting”

  1. Good morning farmer Wendy,

    Happy Birthday!!! You certainly sound busy up there at the Meadow, including your partner in crime. Do you have any plans to celebrate? My guess is you won’t be going for a swim!

    Wishing you a great day however you spend it.

    Much love, Ann

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