With Hen or Not With Hen?


I tried my first experiment with the chick broods this week. Introducing a ‘treat’. Audrey wasted no time teaching her little ones that boiled egg is DELICIOUS! They were on it – pronto.

The Brahmas were a different story! The bowl – well that was just too darn scary! And at first they made a wide circle around any yolk I sprinkled in their run. Eventually they decided to give it a try – but they certainly were not nearly as enthusiastic as Audrey’s bunch.

Tonight I tried a little scrambled egg with the Brahmas. They had the idea – and were much more eager to try it. Fun watching them dash around trying to keep whatever little piece they picked up away from their mates. They even dared to take it from my hands.


  1. The Brahmas are much ‘friendlier’ … as in will pop over my feet, up onto my lap, check out the bottom of my shoes and eat from my hand.
  2. Audrey’s chicks are more confident. They have her to look to for signs of danger – or signs that something is good to eat. They are shy to come too close to me. They are also a week younger and certainly smaller.

I love hearing their chirping all day long. And it is fun to tuck them all in at night. Although … I noticed yesterday that the Brahmas were all sleeping on the floor. At a month old I think they should be perching at night. So I moved things around in their coop to encourage them to sleep on the bottom rung of their roost. I added a four inch piece of wood to the perch so it was wider. I nudged a cement block alongside so they could use that to step up on – or to balance in a bunch. I’ve added a night light. When it got dark last night they kicked up quite a ruckus! When I turned on my cell phone flashlight they would calm and quiet right down. Turn it off – bedlam! The night light seemed to soothe them. It also encouraged them to go into the roosting coop. They have a small screened in ‘porch’ that is open to them all night and day. It gets the sunset. So by the time things darken the roosting area looks daunting … I think that might be how sleeping on the floor started – likely in the porch area. Tonight when I left them they were gathering under the night light.

I’m enjoying this season of Chick Motherdom. 😉

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