Day: May 16, 2021


It’s all about the ears at this time of year. The black flies have been around for two weeks – but the actual hungry black flies are here NOW. See them all around Rosie’s ears? That’s why I keep two bottle of bug cream in the barn. When I smooth it into their ears they get some relief.

I have not been able to convince the goats that the cream is a good idea … yet …

When it just gets to be too much … run for the dark of the barns. I ha just emptied a new bag of wood chips when Rosie came in. She plunked herself down and told me to back away from that mound! She buried her nose in the fresh smell and just sighed. That and the fans that I got back up today made the barns a good escape.

Rosie and Bella had a ‘wellness’ checkup with our vet. Sure is wonderful to have a vet that works with you! We’ve been keeping an eye on Rosie’s itchiness. Seems to have been her modus operandi since I’ve known her. I used to have brushes on her barn door – but she would rub constantly in the winter and go down to bare shoulders. Now she likes to use the bucket of the tractor as a rubbing post. She often looks like a Velveteen Rabbit version of a donkey. Ken (vet) is thinking she may have some type of endocrine disorder that causes her to have such an uneven coat – and such a persistent itch. Both he and I have scoured her coat looking for mites, or lice, or even bare skin spots caused by fungus …? Notta … His advice is that when the bugs even out I should shear her rough spots back to help her shed out. Then later in the fall we’ll do some blood tests to see if there is an underlying condition that needs treatment.

Donkeys can hide pain very well … but on the other hand I feel that hanging out with them as much as I do I can have a pretty good idea if they are feeling off. (Like they ARE today after having their shots.) For now – lots of good brushing time, help with a shorter shedding period and rub downs are in order. And Rosie is a great lover of cuddles and attention.

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