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I have been noticing a growing collection of these incredible crates at my neighbour’s place. At first I thought he was building them … and then as I noticed them piling up – literally – I started to imagine just what I could build with one of those… I was thrilled when Curtis offered me one to bring home.

With my sidekick sidelined for now … I’ve had to garner the courage to pick up the skill saw and develop a few more carpentry tricks. This was my favourite project so far! I removed one face of the crate and began to create two levels. The top would be used as a brooder for tiny new chicks.

The bottom level would house two nesting boxes for the Orpington hens.
After two days I got myself here. One STURDY piece of coop furniture! The last step … no small feat … was to move it into the Chicken Clubhouse.
Corey and I balanced it on our trolly and managed to ‘walk’ it into place. I think it will be sitting right there when I turn eighty! 😉

Chicken Clubhouse set for spring – with bonus new combination nesting box – brooder – CHECK!

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  1. Very impressive, Wen!  Always thinking outside of the box! (Sorry🥴) Hugs ~ Pam

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