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Over this past year the Goat Cafe has been developing quite the lean to the south. The wall that gets the plexiglass for the winter was bowing out so dramatically that this time I only attached it al the top.

As this is the year I am going to put a metal roof on this shelter I figured some better support posts were in order. And those would not do so well with such a lean!

Off with the old …

… in with the new.

Very sturdy – and it even has a pull out base. I can lift those patio stones and then shovel out the bedding below the wall supports. I think that will be a big help. Now that this wall is solid I can work my way around the inside of the Cafe to support the other four sides (yep … it is five sided!) with 2 by 6 posts.

While I worked the goats munched on their hay and put up with the hens digging up their bedding.

My body sure was ready to call it a day! It has been carpenter central here these past few weeks. I’ve learned SO much. I’m proud that I’ve gained the confidence to use the circular saw and the reciprocal saw. I’m much better at accepting how long it takes to do a building job. Slow and steady is my pace. I’m liking the results!

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  1. Way to go, Wen!  Yes, renos usually take much longer than anticipated, eh!  Looks good, so far.👍 Hugs ~ Pam

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