Because … Sunshine


There is much to be said for time spent watching a flock of chickens. Their personalities and their flock interactions are quite entertaining. Chicken watching has become one of my favourite ways to chill out. This afternoon I watched Paddy dig hole after hole in the ‘Clubhouse’. Each time he was totally buried and loving it a hen would come along and he would step aside and give her the favourite spot. I laughed when the dozen chased me around the paddock and into the Clubhouse as they were all convinced I had a banana hidden somewhere for their treat!

Down in the front paddock I settled onto my tractor and watched as Paddy escorted the hens from treat to treat. Any time a Jay called out … or a squirrel chattered a scolding … Paddy would pause and turn an eye to the sky. Meanwhile the hens carried on oblivious to any need for caution. He sure is a good rooster!

The sun brought the four-legged out of their shelters too. LOVING – loving – LOVING these whispers of spring.

BECAUSE OF THE SUNSHINE … I couldn’t stop taking beautiful pictures!

2 comments on “Because … Sunshine”

  1. I used to call the chickens’ antics my “chicken tv” & my wise old neighbor down the mtn. my “chicken psychologist” as he had observed those odd birds far longer than I had & knew their canny, zany ways better than I ever would. My good dogs respected their avian neighbors in our little homestead as did the cats. Each to our own way of daily life as much as we could with a flock of contrarian geese & screwball guineas. Enjoy your lives with these entertaining characters.

    1. I really had no idea going into this just how much I’d love my feathered buddies! I can just imagine the ruckus some geese AND guineas could raise! Hard of hearing after that perhaps. 😉

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