Diggin’ It


I discovered today that Dottie and MayMay had decided their hill was a ‘no go’. In bad weather they’ve been hunkering down in their ‘Cafe’. If I let them out into the paddock they travel around the tractor trails or scoot into the jenny’s barns.

Today MayMay finally noticed her reflection in the mirror. She had put her feet right up onto the wall and had pretty much the same reaction as her sister. After a good dance away from ‘that other goatee’ she came back to peer up at the bottom of the mirror. I think in this shot above she notices me in the background. Each time they see that it seems to sort the whole illusion out in their minds.

When I realized they were avoiding the hillside – and their climber – and their teeter-totter – I figured I better get up there with my shovel to see what their path was like. There wasn’t a path left. The snow had filled it all up and then added enough that I could see later it was much deeper than their bellies. No wonder they were holed up in their Cafe.

An hour later I had managed to dig them a double wide path from their shelter up to the climber and around to their teeter-totter. They like to sit on that side of the hill to watch the back fields. I made a figure eight so they could circle round it all. I might tackle their favourite rock shelf tomorrow night. I call it the ‘humpback’ because the rock curls up out of the hillside just like a whale arching out of the water. We’re looking ahead at some sunny mild days. Perfect for ‘rock bathing’. The sky was a beautiful salmon colour before I managed to get down again.

It is a great spot up there on the goat’s hillside. I love looking down at the back paddock … I love the circle of buildings there. All looking sturdy and quite beautiful in the snow. The back field and the back woods are totally undisturbed. There are not even deer or coyote or fox tracks out there this week.

All is quiet on the home front. Hope you are warm and cozy in your neck of the woods too.

2 comments on “Diggin’ It”

  1. What a gorgeous view! Hope recovery is going spectacularly and that Ede is feeling well! Sunny day today. Can’t wait to visit “my” chickadees at the river. I bought them special aka expensive sunflower seed mix! Lol! Hugs to you both from both of us😊

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