Day: February 22, 2021

Mirror Mirror – Version 2

The goats had their first experience with the ‘Magic Mirror’ yesterday. I was raking out the jenny’s barn when in came Dottie. She likes to stretch herself up the walls – and then does a yoga pose arching her neck way … way … way back. When she first put her hooves up she was alarmed as she came face to face with her reflection.

She tentatively stood up again … this time to the side and then slowly moved her head to look again. Yep! There WAS another goat in there!!

Her first reaction was to scoot out of the barn to look around the corner. Where was that new goat!?

I’m not sure MayMay ever believed her story about what was in that mirror. I don’t think May’s eyes were high enough to get the same effect as her sister. Poor Dottie was on the lookout for her doppelgänger all afternoon!