Baby Steps

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We are taking tiny steps toward recovery here at the Meadow. The February sunshine and that whack of snow we got two days ago have repainted the landscape in brilliant sparkling white. The picture above is at a friend’s farm down the road. I had ordered enough hay to feed a small herd of mammoths (the ancient kind).

I knew people all around me have been looking for hay. When I put the word out it didn’t take more than a day to find others that would gladly accept some of the extra bales. So when the delivery came to our place I then rode along to help our hay man find the other farms.

Everyone stayed socially distanced – easier as we were working outside. I had to laugh at the Stinchcombe farm. They had their hay elevator all hooked up. When I sent that picture back to Ede she reacted the same way I did. We’re going to have to up our game to keep our hay supplier happy! Ha! No worries. Don’t need a hay elevator here. We can drive right up to our hay room with the wagon. These little calves sure look healthy and happy. They were pleased to see the hay wagon swept off into their barnyard.

Meanwhile back here at home the critters all weathered the storm with ease. The chickens spent a couple of days inside their big coop. They were happy to escape once I’d plowed the back paddock and shovelled out their ‘highway’ to the clubhouse. The goats didn’t venture out until this morning. And even then I found them perched on their rock face – eyeing their climber which was buried in snow. I dug them out and cleared off their ‘sunshine perches’. They soaked up the rays there most of this afternoon. The jennies were wading knee deep in the snow in the front paddock until they got to their ‘sunshine’ shelters. It has been so cold that the snow has stayed light and fluffy. Sure has made plowing much easier. Whether you’re an old girl on a tractor or a donkey in the drifts!

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