Real Winter


… actually arrived here over these past few weeks. December was just a tease. January was going easy on us. And then, when we were primed for it, on came the c-c-c-c-cold and the snow. And you know what? I’m glad to have had the slow arrival to adjust to it all!

The jennies and the goats have rediscovered the south paddock. They love sleeping in the straw beds under the wind shelters – soaking up the sunshine – or just plain taking in a different view. Can you see that big straw bale tucked in under the shelter on the right? That is a strategy I will use again. We’ve taken about one third of it off. It’s great bedding. And every now and again the flerd will pick at it. They definitely prefer Brandon’s delicious timothy hay bales. Speaking of which … our winter delivery is scheduled for next weekend. I’m sharing my load with two other friends. I believe we’ll be able to manage quite well with one summer delivery from now on.

Now these two … are in ‘no go’ territory. This is the ‘Chicken Highway’ – connects their coop and their clubhouse (aka sheltered day run). I noticed that the jennies were not visible in their barns or in the front paddock. (I can check on them using the ‘nanny cam screen’ in the kitchen.) I had my suspicions … When I arrived Bella turned right around and headed for ‘her’ space. She knew she shouldn’t be in there. Rosie had no shame at all. Ha! And SHE is the reason I’ve closed that area off. When she gets into the chicken area she gobbles up any scattered seed she can find … and … ahem … any chicken poop too! Next thing you know she has ‘hot feet’. When a donkey eats something too rich … and especially when ROSIE eats something too sweet (guess seed and poop cover those two categories?) she gets colicky. Her stomach ache goes directly to her feet. Our farrier has been helping me keep the swelling in her toes down. She had just turned the corner and was healing up. (She got into the chicken’s corn bag earlier this winter…) I had to laugh though. She had obviously noticed I had not latched the gate properly. In order to get through she had to push enough and wiggle the chain enough to free it up to open. Too smart for her britches that one! And too funny and loving to get mad at!

Miss Sophie was not amused… not amused at all! Can you see my screwdriver there? I’ve tarped all the doors now. The doors to the jennies barns and the doors to the Clubhouse. They have all learned to slip between one panel attached on the right and the second attached on the left. They both are full door sized – and overlap each other. When the wind blows their hideaways stay much warmer.

The indoor staff have been taking it easy too. 😉

It is an exciting morning in our house. We woke up to welcome our fifth grandchild. Little Winnifred was born in the wee hours. Her mom and dad, James and Jess, are over the moon. And her big brother Gus is enchanted. No pictures on social media. But you can bet we’re all oooohing and awwwing at how sweet she looks.

A good day to be born!

2 comments on “Real Winter”

  1. Congratulations on your new grand baby!!!! Welcome Winnifred! Well done big brother Gus (and mom and dad!) Hugs to Rosie and Bella! Oh and to both of you too…..:-)

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