Little Grey – Four Years Later


Back in the spring of 2017 we became ‘foster nannies’ for a couple of little goats. We started off with ‘Little Grey’. (Ede’s plan was that if I didn’t name an animal there was a chance it would go back to the Tryon farm.)

He was sooooo tiny! Being the runt of a litter of four he wasn’t able to get enough nourishment from his mom. So he came to live with us for a few weeks.

Oz was only a year old and still pretty tiny – and Little Grey was even tinier! As you can well imagine my heart was totally captured. We were not set up for goats here at that time. I was thrilled that another friend down our road – who already had a group of little goats – was also smitten with him. He had a great life growing up with them. Then last fall they needed to sell their farm and ‘Little Grey’ and his herd moved past us in the other direction to another friend’s farm. THAT is where this story starts.

Our farrier, Dan, has taken the group in. He is WONDERFUL. They have a big barn and lots of outdoor space to ramble in. Little Grey is the face on the right above.

Dan has often invited me to come over to see their set up an have a visit with the goats. Finally, last Sunday, I managed to line up my schedule with his. They are as happy and friendly a group as ever.

It is fun to see a herd of goats – there is a great deal of ‘goatiness’ possible when they have a herd. Dan’s barn is beautiful. I’ve become very interested in barns. And around here the only barns are old barns. This one is very well designed with an interior that is flexible to change pens around and has lots of good open space. The mow is full of deliciously green hay.

Their door opens to the southwest – makes for a great sunning bed in the afternoons. And in the summer the back of the barn is a good place to hide from the bugs.

Dan was commenting on how they stick closely together as a group. If one wants to go inside – they all go.

It sure was heartwarming to be able to see them in their new digs.

And to see ‘Little Grey’ looking so healthy and the same size as the others. He sure took a while to grow!

And despite being raised first by people he has managed to integrate well into his goat family.

If a person had to be locked down some place – this farming belt of ours is very much to my liking! Hope you and yours are well – and well situated to pass the time while we all sit tight.

Hugs from the Meadow Mice!

6 comments on “Little Grey – Four Years Later”

  1. Ah, Goats! I will always remember the ears with our 3 Toggenburgs, unforgettable characters as there ever were. Little Grey has been a very lucky boy. And so handsome!

    1. Me too! I remember you telling me about keeping in touch with some of your critters as they moved to local farms as well. It warmed my heart to see them all again – especially him.

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