Winter Greens


This week we picked up a Christmas gift for the jennies and the goats … Rick and Beth’s tree.

It will be a favourite munching post for a month or so. They love every piece of these – right down to the trunk.

I was out running errands when I came across this juniper bush full of singing sparrows.

One of our errands was to get our new little ‘Jet’ to the undercoating shop. When we sat down and reflected on what had changed that might have allowed our ‘Blanche’ (Corolla) to be eaten after all these years parked in the same laneway … we realized we had not had it done for the last few years. So now the new Yaris smells like oily clean (Bounce sheets) candy canes (peppermint essential oil spray). Ha!

The thing about errand days … is that it is mostly dark before I get a chance to hang out with the paddock crew.

As long as I show up with fresh hay for dinner they are happy enough to see me. šŸ˜‰

4 comments on “Winter Greens”

  1. I want to do errand days with you guys!!! Lovely….I am sitting at my dining table, where I spend quite a bit of time since it converts to my office, looking out at my deck feeders and heated water bowl. The pair of black squirrels and grey squirrels have dined on left over coffee cake this morning.. yum! and the sparrows’ feeder has been filled. Hugs to you both!

    1. Love that mind’s eye view of your deck feeders. They sure will appreciate those treats this week. Getting colder! We were thinking of Chris this week – she must have been both enraged and floored and every other possible emotion when the Capitol was attacked. Hugs!

  2. Yes, I recently saw on a news cast that goats love the Christmas trees and I thought of your crew, but I didn’t get a fresh tree this year so couldn’t participate.
    I also got one of those undercoatings on my car a few years ago and mistakenly brought it home and parked it in the garage . The next day I found the floor totally stained with same. Haven’t done it since!!!
    You have the perfect area for that.

    I am sure you are enjoying Benny’s antics as much as I am.
    This is so hard for all of us not being able to cuddle with that sweet little girl.

    Happy New Years ladies. It can only get better from here !!

    Love and happiness

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