Day: January 8, 2021

Winter Greens

This week we picked up a Christmas gift for the jennies and the goats … Rick and Beth’s tree.

It will be a favourite munching post for a month or so. They love every piece of these – right down to the trunk.

I was out running errands when I came across this juniper bush full of singing sparrows.

One of our errands was to get our new little ‘Jet’ to the undercoating shop. When we sat down and reflected on what had changed that might have allowed our ‘Blanche’ (Corolla) to be eaten after all these years parked in the same laneway … we realized we had not had it done for the last few years. So now the new Yaris smells like oily clean (Bounce sheets) candy canes (peppermint essential oil spray). Ha!

The thing about errand days … is that it is mostly dark before I get a chance to hang out with the paddock crew.

As long as I show up with fresh hay for dinner they are happy enough to see me. 😉