Happy Holidays!

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Greetings everyone! That was a very different Christmas for our family. But a calm and happy one nonetheless. It was good knowing the kids were all cozy and warm with their own families – with kids enjoying the excitement of Santa’s visit. We shared lots of photos and phone calls to touch base.

The critters had a quiet day too. For most of Christmas Eve and early Christmas morning it was pouring rain here. The winds were strong from the south.

The barns are all full of deep bedding. Wood chips for the jennies and the chickens. Sweet smelling hay for the goats.

The hens have started laying again! Phew! Lily, Sulu and Princess have been laying one every other day or so. I think Audrey and Chewbawka are next in line. I have to keep checking throughout the day so the eggs don’t freeze and crack. Yesterday I think Sulu got into the nesting box Lily had laid her egg in earlier. By the time I got there Lily’s egg was spread all over the bedding in that box. It’s hard to tell some days … as I think Lily’s eggs have thinner shells and she breaks them herself just sitting on them. So … put one of the big Orpington girls in there – it’s no wonder it gets ‘smushed’!

Eventually the sun came out. That was a relief after all the rain. The day ended up feeling like an early fall day – full of the smell of the wet earth and leaves. All critters – two and four legged – found their favourite sunning spots to dry out.

Hope you had a wonderful day too. With a good dose of love and fresh air to boot!

Merry Christmas from the Meadow

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