Why did the chicken cross the road?

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That was a lovely snowy day. Even if the hens didn’t quite agree. 🙃

Paddy and the girls looked like they were lifting their skirts when they picked their way across the back paddock. There was no running through the woods today!

Not fans of the snow this bunch. They were happy the jennies shared their barn for the afternoon.

Rosie would have dearly loved it if they would have shared their Clubhouse as graciously. She has her eye on their pellet feeder.

Meanwhile Dottie and MayMay kept to themselves. They are not big on fresh snow either. I led them up the hill to their climber. After shovelling it off and spreading some fresh hay I climbed up to the top bunk. I had to laugh when I turned back to see their rear ends diving back into their Cafe.

Guess that helped me to feel less guilty about not letting them out to join the jennies.

Instead I climbed back down and spent half an hour just sitting with them while they munched on hay and contemplated the state of the world.

I’ve noticed that the world invariably seems more balanced when I’m sitting right there.

A good way to start Christmas week.

Hugs from the Meadow Mice!

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