One Down …


Don’t worry. All critters and people are fine. That is one Polar Vortex down … who knows how many to go. All the new set ups worked soooooo well! Phew! The goats spent two days in their ‘Cafe’. They have their large room and their small ‘bedroom’ areas to hang out in. A heat lamp in their cozy sleeping quarters helps to keep their airplane ears from getting frostbitten. The jenny’s barn and their hay run in were both closed up – sheets/tarps forming the only open doors. They stayed warm. And they stayed put – often under the heat lamp in their sleeping barn. A good indicator of how cold it has been – they normally like to wander down to the front paddock in the morning light. And the large new coop worked fantastically!! Hurray! The flock had no problem hanging out in there. They have lots of space and distractions. We’ve got two heat lamps in there. At first the newbies were weirded out by the red light. It didn’t take them long to realize the prime seats were red!

Glad to have a three day trial run. But also quite happy to be back to milder temperatures!

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