Day: December 13, 2020

There’s something afoot…

These two … on the infirmary list for the week. Sophie (hen on the right) had a pasty butt. Made me wonder if in fact it has been she who has been laying the eggs…? She needed a feather butt trim and some TLC.

Paddy has been in each afternoon for a ten minute soak in warm water. I’m amazed at how ‘cooperative’ he is. No fuss. I can even leave him standing there for a bit on his own. I think the warm water is feeling good.

These swellings on the front of his ankles are not normal. I’m still conferring with other chicken people for advice. So far the top three suggestions are: scaly leg mites, tendonitis (likely from jumping down from the rafters in the summer), or even gout (because someone has continued to indulge her flock with peanuts!)

All three benefit from soaking in warm water. I’m also cleaning the scales with an old soft toothbrush. I finish up by coating his legs with vaseline. And … no … more … peanuts. Today I arrived with a fistful of finely chopped carrots. Have you ever seen a chicken express incredulity? This morning a dozen incredulous chickens stared me down. Ha!

There seems to always be something new ‘afoot’ around here. 😉

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