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Wish I could send you the smell of our lovely hay!! It smells so sweet even I wonder if I should serve myself some up for lunch. It is timothy – delivered here in late June. Each time I walk into the hay barn – and especially when I split open a bale – it smells like summer. When I fill up the jenny’s feeders each morning and night … they make sure they finish every little piece.

Sometimes I think Rosie stands with her nose buried in the flake … just breathing it in.

The goats love it too. We had some lovely sunny days this past week. I started to feed everyone down in the front paddock in the morning. They’ve spent so much time in the back. Now that the southern sunlight is so warm they can switch to their winter snooze headquarters

I’m hoping to convince the goats to use their spool climber as a sunning spot. Then the jennies can have the wind break shelters with their thick hay beds for their own beds.

Bribery will get you everywhere. 😉

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