The Best of Hugs


… are donkey hugs. Rosie cups her head right around my back when I’m giving her shoulder scratches. Such a warm cozy hug! Ede had come around the barn and managed to snap this shot yesterday morning.

Today we went out for a walk. We took Ede along with us. The jennies are quite good at walking on a lead.

Bella and I spent a loooonnnnggg time deciding to walk across the sidewalk at the old school grounds. She did it – which was a hard choice for her. It took her more than a summer to work up the courage to walk across the ‘bridge’ in her front paddock. Walks are a good way for the jennies to see new things and gain confidence in facing new situations.

Just a little ‘aside’ here before I sign off… If you’ve been along for the ride these past few weeks you might remember my explaining that mice ate our car! Totally got into the engine area and chewed their way through the heating system and the air bags and who knows what else. Poor ‘Blanche’ was a write off. Argh! So we’ve been experimenting with ideas to persuade the little #$%$#@’s to move their little butts somewhere else. I tried out the ‘Bounce Sheet’ idea in the tack barn. Put sheets on top of each of the feeding bins, down the walls, along the shelving. This picture – taken this morning – shows mouse poop ON TOP of the sheet on the pellet bin. Doesn’t seem so promising … ! We bring home the new (to us) car on Wednesday. Need to have a plan in place by then! I think Peppermint Essential Oil Spray is Plan B. We’re going to smell like Christmas all year round. πŸ˜‰

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