Day: December 6, 2020

Water Cooler Chat

Seems everyone loves the arrival of some cool water each morning. The water heaters are on overnight… but no … everyone wants to hang out at the ‘cooler water’.

Unfortunately … if you are one of the three in ‘lockdown’ you only get to watch the others have fun! The Frizzle sisters have a group case of the ‘sniffles’. Sneezing, runny noses and head shaking. Dang! They’ve been hanging out in the far end of the Coop. For part of the day their water bowl has electrolytes – I bring them treats – and they soak in the sunshine. I’ve ordered some colloidal silver solution … but it is more than a week away … Dare I hope that this evening there seemed to be a lot less sniffling going on? I’m hoping a little TLC will help them get over it quicker and prevent the rest of the hens from picking it up too.

It was fine to see that sunshine show up today! Been awhile! I served breakfast for the jennies and the goats in the front paddock. While they munched away I cleared out the old bedding in the two shelters and relaid a good thick layer of fresh straw. I have a feeling I’ll find them sunbathing there tomorrow.

Bella is a ‘ghostly figure’ in this panorama. Only works if everyone stands still. 😉

Rosie is starting to look like her ‘Teddy Bear Winter Self’.

Hope your Sunday went well. Hugs from the Meadow Mice.