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While the flock got settled into their coop last night I got a closer look at Paddy’s feet.

He sure has a thick ‘ankle’… is that even what you call that section on a chicken? My bet is that he sprained it when he got up into the rafters this summer. There is a condition called ‘Bumble Foot’ that can develop after an injury to a chicken’s foot. It is an abscess that causes swelling and needs to find a way ‘out’. Usually you’ll find a black ‘core’ in the pad of the foot that can be worked out to let the infection drain. I’ve been thinking that this was that … But after almost a week of checking him for that I am thinking it may just be that he has BIG feet. His other ‘ankle’ is large and thick like this too. When I checked with my local chicken whisperer (AKA Haley Rose) she reminded me that he is still growing. His breed, Orpingtons, grow well into 18 months. Paddy is going to be one HUGE rooster!

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