And the Verdict Is …

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… the Clubhouse RULES!

Especially on a sunny day. ESPECIALLY if you are one of the old girls needing a soft place to rest. Lindy’s choice was always where the sun hit the floor.

The Frizzle Sisters preferred the bench … or even better …

… a lap.

Paddy, Lily and Sophie dug around and splashed gravel and dirt everywhere – cooing and chortling in delight with their sand bath.

On colder rainy days Princess and Audrey like to snuggle down deep into the bedding.

I’m all for that idea! Sure am glad we got it all up and ready for the winter just as the first snow flew in. Phew! More coming tomorrow. I’ll be smiling as I let the flock out of their coop knowing they can enjoy the Clubhouse for some extra leg room.

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