With the Clubhouse all decked out in festive Christmas lights … the Coop needed a winter lift too. Looking pretty snazzy now isn’t it! πŸ˜‰

One of my favourite times of the day is when the flock heads into their coop for the night. There is so much going on.

For quite a while the three cliques within the flock each had their own set section to roost in. Over these last few weeks that has been shifting. The only steady state has been the Frizzle sisters (three buff coloured hens) who have claimed the section closest to the human door.

This is Eggatha Christie. One of the Frizzle girls. I’m not sure if their roost shows that they are the lowest in the pecking order – hence they get the most ‘risky roost’? Or if they hang on to that area because that is where I tend to set my stool down … and of all the hens they are the friendliest and love to pop down to sit on my lap for cuddles.

What I do notice is that Paddy chooses to perch where ever Lily has settled in. If she moves a section over – he’ll end up there too. And then for a little while the two gray hens (Chewbacka and Hen Sulu) as well as the black hens (Sophie and Princess) will try to get themselves situated beside Paddy.

That is NOT copacetic with Lily. ‘Her’ clique only includes the old girls. So she sends them all on their way to the far end. This whole time the coop is filled with trills and coos and squeaks. I love hen sounds!

Eventually everyone finds their spots. I sneak quietly out knowing they are all safe and warm. Loving this coop!

2 comments on “Lights!”

  1. OOoooooh it is! And I’m sure … any time now … it will be cozy AND full of eggs! πŸ˜‰ I’ve decided to go with lights – enough hours in a day to encourage the girls to lay. If I’m buying eggs from other farms that are doing that … seems fair my hens could too. My prediction … ? A New Year’s Egg factory.

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