Day: November 6, 2020

High Expectations

There seems to be a theme running through this week … I’d been wondering if the goats were soon going to begin playing on their playground under their own initiative. If I drive by closely with the tractor Dottie loves to race alongside and zoom over the top level to leap ahead of me. Or if I go and sit on the overturned tubs they’ll come and hang out there too.

So I was happy to come across these two this morning.

“She still won’t come up to the top level with me…” Yep – somehow MayMay has decided that it isn’t her cup of tea to jump up with Dottie. When they are up on the hillside in their woods it is completely the other way around. MayMay rules the top roost …

How gracious of her to give her sister the other one. 😉