Day: November 2, 2020

Fine Tuning

We’ve had a few darn chilly days around here lately. I noticed that meant quite a breeze blowing in through the chicken’s pop doors. What to do?

We headed to our favourite hardware store … the basement … to look for an ‘out of the box’ solution. Out came an old greenhouse trolley.

By cinch tying it to the side of the coop I now had a great wind break. It even could provide sunshine heat instead of a cold breeze. Now … for that right angle turn… left… I cut the cover to create a split curtain. They mostly got it. Fast forward to the end of the day. Same! That was a good fix.

A few days back I mentioned my discovery of Facebook Marketplace. A 24/7 yard sale… or flea market. With everything and anything you could be intrigued to own. So far we’re up one stuffed hobby horse, a new Rock Band version, and ….. THIS BEAUTY of a sideboard for our kitchen.

I was more than happy to ditch my university days wall unit and our dishwasher which has sat unused for years to create a roomier and classier (wouldn’t you agree?) kitchen space. The dishwasher was sold through FB Marketplace. That puts us up three items – down one. This idea of downsizing takes some focus. Oh – wait – does letting a set of dishes and an old desk chair AND the wall unit count too? Let’s see. That makes it UP three items – DOWN … four! Downsizing in tiny steps. Hehehe!

And best of all? Our chief cook – who has a serious allergy to change – is even pleased. Win – win! This Facebook Marketplace discovery could mean I will need to get a job! Or perhaps just a little more self discipline.

Over and out from the Meadow Mice!