Day: November 1, 2020

Family Love

We have had such a WONDERFUL time this past week. We got to meet our newest granddaughter. To make that happen our kids tightened up their bubbles – and our family from Philly crossed the border, rented a cottage and isolated for two weeks. We all wanted to make sure that we were clear and not going to be a group that hit the news as the centre of an outbreak. The result:

… a week of laughter, running toddlers, baby cuddles, family dinners and outdoor fun. In these times of social isolation it sure has hit home how much we thrive on each others company. We all appreciated the effort Kate and Corey put into being able to bring their daughter ‘home’ to meet her Canadian family. And we were all super cautious to ensure we didn’t end up foiling the plans. We were missing our Whitby connection who decided they’d best stay put. My junior farmers are in school – and that meant their bubbles contained some Covid exposures.

Sure made a lot of precious memories over this visit. I think we held each other more closely knowing that a Christmas gathering might not be in the works. By the time you include isolation time – and the cost of renting a place separate from family to do so – and then traveling costs … sigh… I’m rooting for our researchers! Hope we can get ourselves back to some semblance of normal in 2021.

In the meantime fall is happening. Some days the sky was raining leaves …

… other days snowflakes.

Either way the kids – littles and bigs – enjoyed some time hanging out with me in the paddocks.

I was doing too much multi-tasking one day … and came out to find this!

I had totally forgotten to close the paddock gate when I put the tractor away. Zoiks! I think it was at least an hour later when I came out to close up the coop that I found Rosie and Bella wandering around in the back yard. If they had headed toward the field they would have had access to anywhere! Guess things looked just fine close to home. Phew! Thank goodness the goats were not out too!

Another day this guy was the surprise. I looked up to see a chicken come running around the corner of the hay barn – her body language was screaming ‘Run for your lives!’. That peaked my curiosity enough to make me put my work down to go investigate. A BIG porcupine had been feasting on a poplar tree branch. I’m glad he decided to make himself scarce. Last I saw he was crossing the field to more private pastures.

My son-in-law and I managed to squeeze in a bike hike to Fourth Depot Lake. That was sure to be one of the last rides of this season. There may be a stretch of mild days this week … maybe time for one more.

Hope November finds you happy – and safe – and well.

Hugs from the Meadow Mice