Christmas Eve … in October

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We’ve been prepping and cleaning and dreaming all week! We get to meet our newest little granddaughter tomorrow! After two weeks of isolating at a cottage Airbnb – the all clear arrives in the morning.

It is going to be awfully sweet to hold that little one. AND we will be hosting our son and his family as well – also coming to meet Bennie. Two year old Gus is pretty excited to be meeting this little new cousin.

I think it will be a few more years before we introduce Bennie to the ‘outside’ family. 😉 I’m looking forward to being able to spend time with Gus out there. He is at the perfect age to begin to explore the coop and the paddock. I will be missing my junior farmers, Kyla and Lexi. Their family is being cautious – with the girls in school – they didn’t want to risk bringing Covid onto the scene.

We’re trying out these new hay bags for the goats. A friend down the road discovered them and uses them for her two billies. When I arrived out there this morning there was still a good portion of last night’s flakes left. Might be a good find!

We also decided we’d better find a ‘fix’ for our leaky compost bin. It got crunched by a falling pine tree – more than a year ago!

We toyed with the idea of using hydraulic lifts to ‘undent’ the roof. It became clear that might actually put a dent in the floor! Better to keep the floor. 😉 So now the bin sports three bales of straw on the roof to make a peaked roof. That is covered by a tarp which is all tied down. We bought this big bin after the first one we were renting became so rusted and battered that I just didn’t want it on our property any more. I was feeling SO good about this blue beauty… And then not too long after it arrived – BAM! Down went the tree. Jeepers!

All the critters are tucked in for the night. Time to hit the hay ourselves! It feels like Christmas Eve! We are so looking forward to spending a few days with the kids and THEIR kids. xoxo

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