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Thankfully not the snow kind! We woke up in a torrent of wind. It kept up all day. Grabbing hold of whatever I was moving like a fast moving creek. The leaves poured out of the trees.

Quite a funny day to decide to tackle the power washing of the barn siding! I’m running out of frost free days and not so sure when I’ll have to bring all the hoses in. So I had at it. Sure was great to see the vinyl siding on our older barns gain back their original colours. The north sides of those buildings had begun to grow mold. As I neared any areas open to the wind the water would float away in clouds that soaked the paddock – and any unsuspecting critters that hadn’t already run for the hills!

In order to reach far enough I combined the hose that feeds the front paddock with the one that feeds that back … that ends up being one long stretch! When I finished I figured I might as well coil that extension up and put it away for the winter. Ever had an argument with a hose? Several cinch ties and one crazy ladder contraption later I managed to force it into loops. Well … okay … maybe I only forced into into curls … 😉

While I worked away the Peanut Gallery kept a close eye on my progress.

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