Online markets should come with a warning… MAY BE ADDICTIVE! I’ve taken to browsing Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace… and finding good “stuff”. Like these hydro spools. For a few years I’ve admired photos of goat playgrounds.

Now that I have my handy truck I can pick up almost any goodies I spot. Hence I arrived home a few days ago with a load of these wire spools. I screwed two levels together and watched the antics that unfolded.

Dottie decided right off the bat that this was HER kind of hangout.

MayMay wasn’t so sure. From her perspective the second tower seemed a bit too risky. She was quite happy to let Dottie do it.

She wasn’t as keen as her sister to build a goatee pyramid! This whole set up fell out of favour with MayMay pretty quickly.

I’m not positive that Dottie managed this all on purpose…

… but there was a certain gleam in her eye as she soaked up the afternoon sun on her own private playground!

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