Project Barney

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A little while back I mentioned ‘Barney’. We were hoping we could catch him in a live trap. There is a family interested in giving him a good home.

Seems Barney is too smart to put one foot into the same trap he’s watched raccoon after raccoon walk into. He’s not interested in a trip down the road in the box of the truck.

We are now onto Plan B. Each day either Edie or I sit out with him while he eats his breakfast and his dinner. Day by day the bowl gets closer and closer to our feet.

Ede has even put a small step stool out there so when we sit down we are close to him.

Smokey and Oz have rolled out the welcome mat too. They sit on their side of the windows at the door and carry on conversations while Barney sits on his perch.

I think this will be a long term project …

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