The Coop


I’m thinking… our paddock is complete. Above is a panorama shot from my bench. Far left – goat house. Blue shed – hay barn. Open door shed – Jenny quarters. Double door blue barn with windows – NEW COOP. Long blue barn – hay barn and tractor house. Grey sided shed – tack barn. Now that’s a Critter Village!

The Coop is … complete. Well… as complete as anything is around here. I’m sure there will be a 2.0 version down the road. 1.0 is finished!

It has the hen and rooster seal of approval.

Poop bars really are genius. The flock all roosts on the perches and come the morning all the pick up work is right at waist level …

UNLESS they discover a perch that is higher. Like the roof beams! Within a week of Paddy claiming his own spot in the rafters all but three of the thirteen in our group had joined him.

I watched and wondered for a little while. Maybe I should just let them perch up there. But then as I scraped up their droppings from the ramps, and the feeders, and the ladder … and once even out of my hair ….

…. I decided notta!

Those wonderful poop bars really are there for a reason. They fit the ‘Can I do this when I’m eighty’ criteria. Much to the dismay of Paddy and his buddies, they arrived last night to find their rooftop perches were no longer available. There was quite a lot of muttering and grumbling and pacing and planning … but THIS MORNING the clean up was a breeze!

My tools are all hung with care…

… visitors can easily pull out a stool to hang out.

Food and water are available all day and all night.

And yet… there is not an egg in sight! 😆

We’re discussing that.

6 comments on “The Coop”

  1. Love your paddock!! and the new coop is ingenious. You have out smarted them. Hope they will gift you with eggs soon!

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