Cricket Song


The five of us were sheltering out of a shower this evening. Even in the rain the cricket song is strong tonight. I remember there being something about the volume of crickets… a sign of dry times?

I reopened a section of the pasture that had grown quite tall. These two joined in on the chow down. Dottie ate so much she then flopped on her side to stretch her belly out.

Rosie was a lot of fun today. I was working away at the electric fence line and then at fencing some gates (for the upcoming chicken relocation project). Rosie LOVES a construction site. She is in there like a dirty shirt. She even took it as her job to chase the goats away if they got too nosey. She and Dottie were taking their turns chasing each other up onto the rocky hillside.

Bella managed to keep her focus on food. 😆

Yesterday I was out in the trails with some new biking pals. We stopped at Fish Creek to admire the Indian Paintbrush flowers at the bridge.

I sure love these August evenings. Cool breezes and glorious sunsets! Night all!

2 comments on “Cricket Song”

  1. Love the sunset. Critters are looking like they are totally enjoying your hard work. Lucky having a loving couple to look after them.

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