Coop Obsessed


We’re still here … arranging our days to try to miss the main heat. Every day we’ve been doing at least one little job in the creation of the new chicken coop.

This is the longest we’ve taken at creating a barn or coop. I have designed each section and we’ve pushed ourselves to do each step carefully and to the best of our abilities.

Right down to paint touch ups – rounded steps on the ramps – and firmly attached velcro strips to support the dividing curtain between the newbie and old girls sections. We are soooooo close.

The Orpingtons are doing great. They are growing quickly! And they are friendly as all get out. When I sit down in their run they all come running to perch on the bench beside me – or on my lap – and this little one above … she likes my shoulders. Pretty funny some evenings to be out there with all seven of them somehow claiming real estate on my body. Hahahah!

I’m thinking either this weekend … or next week when the girls return … we’ll begin to blend the two groups. There are seven ‘veterans’ (including our rooster – Paddy). There are seven rookies. So far I can see how it will be easy to separate them INSIDE the coop. Once they are coming and going as they wish through their pop doors … it will not be so easy to keep them apart. I know that this stage involves some squabbles – and even some darn good fights … not looking forward to that. By the time the end of September rolls around they ought to be okay.

Having started this summer off with a new road bike … I’ve become keen on getting out each day to the trails. Some of my favourite sections are very rough. Then I rediscovered the backroad loops around our home and LOVED being out there – I think of it as a woods hike … on wheels. I ended up flattening a tire out there. So now I’m ending the summer with a new trail bike. It is also an e-bike. What a great invention! It takes the steep hills and makes them easier to tackle. The boost still requires me to pedal – and with a good effort – but makes it possible to get up them without having to weave my way to the tops. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours doing a 37 km hike. I’m hooked!!

In this past week we welcomed a new granddaughter to the clan! Her name is Bennie. She is doing great – and her mom and dad are head over heals in love with her. We’re keeping a low profile for her in the online world – so there are not going to be pictures posted here. Suffice it to say – she is surrounded by a big loving family – and we all are enjoying her through our own social media circle.

The back pasture has almost dried off for the season. We’re having it cut on Saturday. I think that will mean the jennies have to stay in the paddocks until the newer grasses can develop longer stalks – keeping the sugars out of reach at their bases. This experiment has been a success. The girls have been so much healthier this year. They love the extra space – and I’m sure the fresh grass has to taste better than even the best of the hay baled an entire year ago.

Somehow I have looked up and found myself in the MIDDLE of August! This summer sure has breezed by quickly. I’m glad August’s cooler nights are here. Hope you are well in your corner of the world.

Hugs from the Meadow Mice

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