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I heard our local newscast reporting that this July was the hottest on record for our area. So many scorching days! I figured out a great air-conditioning system for our coops.

An ice bottle cold air waterfall. I load frozen bottles of water into a hay bag.

Suspend that from the ceiling using clasps.

And hang a fan in the window at about the same height.

Now that the Orps have figured out how to all get up onto their perch they end up sitting in the waterfall of cool air pouring down from just above them.

It got the Sunny seal of approval. This little one is the only one I can easily recognize each day. And s/he loves to come sit close by for a neck rub each night.

Today’s project was installing the poop board, perches and nesting boxes in the new coop. (Soon to be referred to as the Chicken Palace.) The girls were off with friends on the lake – and Ede and I kept going with our chick reno.

We two ‘old girls’ have learned some tricks over the years. I think this is going to be our best effort yet. There will be two distinct areas in this coop for the next few months. Veteran layers to the right, rookies to the left.

A screen partition will be added between them. The grey tubs will be nesting boxes. We will cut an opening into their out-facing sides. The chickens can use the white lower perch as a step up, the side of the black shelving as a landing, and then they will be able to step into their favourite nesting box. So far … so good!

Yesterday the girls and I finished the first go at painting the interior of the coop. I’ve learned that painting it will make it easier to clean, it will resist rot and mildew longer and most importantly will just plain look beautiful!

We still found time to play some volleyball at the courts ‘next door’ at the fair grounds. These two really have some good moves!

We finished off the day with a cooling swim…

… and an incredible sunset!

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