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This week has been all about fans. Washing fans … hanging fans … moving fans … and especially sitting IN FRONT of fans. Phew!

For a cold treat I took out a bag of frozen strawberries and emptied them into this bucket of water. The result was a chaotic session of slurping, dunking, stealing, and racing fun! I did not get pictures in the thick of it all. But I sure will arm myself with my camera next time! There was a strawberry slurry all over the jennies, the chickens and even me too! (The goats decided this whole episode was well below their level of sophistication.)

It did the trick – especially for the chickens. They had all come to me with beaks agape and wings held out to cool down.

I think Sophie ended up with a cold ache … she decided early on that she was not going to swallow any more of the hard icy bits. Instead she hunted down the strawberry goo – of which there was quite a bit!

Paddy supervised the entire time from his roost on top of the field gate. He was not the least bit interested. Maybe he took his clue from the goats? 😉

In other news – Roxie joined a flock of bantam hens down the road. Her buddy, Lindy, decided in this past little while that she was going to join in with the ‘big girls’. This left Roxie wandering mostly on her own. And when she wasn’t alert enough she was trounced by Paddy … and then the Tweedles joined in to give her a beating. I decided to intervene before the poor girl became featherless. She has returned to her original farmstead with Haley.

On a different front … meet ‘Ruby’! We bought a truck. Yep! Our little hatchback was ready to give up the heavy hauling work. So we traded it in.

I’m one happy camper. Need to pick up hay two towns away? No problem. Need to pick up rocks to hold gravel beside the barn? No problem. It is a sweet drive – just three years old – and comes with all the bells and whistles.

An awfully nice way to end the week. Stay cool everyone.

Hugs from the Meadow Mice.

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