Better than a piano player …

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I’m beginning to think that I could include Lily as part of my own PPE. Have you ever seen those videos of chickens that someone has taught to play the piano? Cute – and entertaining … But THIS chicken … THIS chicken will eat the deer flies right off your arms and legs! Now THAT is a talent. 😉

Just in case Lily is not able to catch them all … we have rehung the fly traps. We bought these last year and I was some impressed by how many they caught! They sure beat those big contraptions you could stand in the field. I just have to rediscover what the best bait is. There is a plastic bowl that hangs below the netting. You put bait in there to attract the flies. They then fly ‘up’ which directs them into the mesh compartment … and there they remain. We’ve started off with banana peels and pineapple chunks. Time will tell …

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